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Whatever aspect of the Law Enforcement (LE) community you are a part of, physical readiness is critical component. Tampa Sports Academy has professional Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists on staff that specialize in optimizing Tactical Athletes’ physical readiness. Whether preparing to enter a Law Enforcement academy or an incumbent testing for a special assignment, we help close the gap between the science and the needs of the Tactical Athlete to optimize all aspects of your training requirements. 


firefighter cpat PREPARATION

Those entering the Firefighter profession recognize how difficult it can be to properly prepare for the CPAT assessment. Tampa Sports Academy (TSA) has a wealth of experience guiding and training applicants through the preparation phase of the CPAT. The variety of physical requirements needed to successfully complete this test include; strength, endurance, power, speed and agility. The professional coaches at TSA are highly qualified and well-versed in all aspects of this training and will optimize your time and efforts. 



The variety of specialties and physical assessments within the US Military has created a need for training that not only prepare you for each, but optimize your efforts. Gone are the days of jogging and push-ups as the only form of physical preparation. Today’s military requires the troops are highly capable in all aspects of physical readiness including; strength, power, speed and endurance as well as agility. Command staff throughout the world recognize the need for this variety of training and Tampa Sports Academy recognizes and provides the most current Evidenced-based training that will optimize their Physical Readiness. 


Being Fit for Duty is our commitment to the badge, our partner, our department, our family, and the community. Consistent care of our physical and mental wellness is the foundation to our performance as first responders. Caring for ourselves is not always convenient and often involves planning and dedicating time that we are already short on.

Being Fit for Duty requires us to be students of our bodies by listening and acting on signs and symptoms regardless of how big or small or how inopportune. We are more fortunate than ever that access to education, information, and professional help is at our fingertips at Tampa Sports Academy.


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