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The Post-PT Sports Rehab training program is designed to continue where your Physical Therapist left off so you can safely continue improving in areas such as mobility, stability, strength, confidence, and conditioning for safe “RETURN 2 PLAY”.

post-rehab training

The bridge between rehabilitation and sports performance. Coach Hos and his post-rehab training progams are designed to continue where your physical therapy program ended and take you safely back to your sport. You will continue to improve in areas such as strength, flexibility, balance, and stability until you are able to safely Return to Play. If you have been injured and are looking to work back to full strength, Coach Hos and his post-rehab training programs can help you build back to where you need to be to return to play.

equipment utilized

The Quickboard

Wheeler Sports Technology

DorsaVi Wearable Sensor

Full Weightroom at Tampa Sports Academy

injuries we work with

We work with injuries related to the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, and hamstrings. Coach Hos specializes in Post-ACL recovery.




In this stage of the plan, your athlete will work on strengthening the quadricep and hamstring muscle group for better single leg control. Stability in single leg has been shown to be the best indicator for sport performance, as well reduced risk for re-injury.


This is where your athlete will focus on core strengthening. We have done a lot of testing with our injured athletes and we have found improving pelvic control contributed a lot to improved athletic ability and decrease risk of injury


Fear of re-injury is one of the biggest thing that hold athletes back from returning to play with full confidence. This fear particularly shows up with jumping and landing.  This is where your athlete will work on  biomechanics to improve explosive movement and impact control.


Effective stopping and re-acceleration in another direction are the necessary components that need to be trained to make sure your athlete is properly prepared for the reactive demand of field sport. They also play a primary role in injury reduction.


The goal here is to resist fatigue and be fully prepared to return to play.



Coach Hos is a former Navy Corpsman with over 15,000+ hours of training and 22 years of coaching experience, providing results in sports performance, athletic development and post-rehab for sports injuries. 

After years of working with athletes in all facets of sports from football to tennis and everything in between, Coach Joe moved from the sports performance training world into the post-rehabilitation training sphere. 

He has created programs for hundreds of athletes and weekend warriors, specializing in post-orthopedic rehabilitation. While his main focus is post-ACL training, he has worked with athletes and clients to recover and return to play from a wide variety of injuries.

Coach Hos has brought his methodology to Tampa Sports Academy to run his company SPORTS REHAB FLA, providing post-orthopedic sports rehab to athletes to help bridge the gap between physical therapy and sports performance.


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