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 Those entering the Firefighter profession recognize how difficult it can be to properly prepare for the CPAT assessment. Tampa Sports Academy (TSA) has a wealth of experience guiding and training applicants through the preparation phase of CPAT training. The variety of physical requirements needed to successfully complete this test include; strength, endurance, power, speed and agility. The professional coaches at TSA are highly qualified and well-versed in all aspects of this training and will optimize your time and efforts. 


Utilizing both the StepMill machine and our built-in indoor stair sets, candidates will train to complete the stair climb event. Weighted vests are available to help better simulate the actual testing environment.


To prepare for both the hose drag and mannequin rescue events for the CPAT, coaches will put candidates to the test using our weighted sleds. 


As a substitute for the equipment carry, athletes will be able to utilize our dumbbells and kettlebells to work on their ability to carry weight. Building grip strength will set candidates up for success.


Last but not least, CPAT candidates will train with our outdoor sledgehammer set-up to simulate their forcible entry event. You will learn proper mechanics for how to swing the hammer for the event.



Through our partnership with Wellness for America, we are pleased to be able to offer scholarship opportunities for CPAT candidates that have the drive to succeed, but a financial need to afford training. If you are looking to get over the last hurdle with your CPAT training program, but just need a bit of extra help, apply for a scholarship today. WFA scholarships provide a three month training program for candidates that are serious about getting in shape to tackle the CPAT. 

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