sprinting skip variation

Dec 8, 2022 | Training

The ABCs of Sprinting

The goal of many athletes looking to improve is to get faster. One of the first questions to ask yourself as an athlete looking to top out their speed is a simple one: what does my running form look like? Tweaking the small things in your sprinting form can lead to big changes in your speed. 

A simple way to start learning the proper rhythm of your running form is to learn the A, B, and C skips. Learning to skip is a crucial part of perfecting your running form, as it isolates certain phases of the running stride and helps you learn to execute them correctly. 

When you are sprinting as fast as you can, things are moving too quickly for you to break down the flaws and errors in your technique that are minimizing your explosiveness in your run. Utilizing the A,B, and C skips can help isolate each phase of the run and teach your central nervous system the correct patterns and timing to fire your muscles in the most explosive manner.

The goal when running is to be explosive up and down. The less your feet touch the ground and the more frequently you can take big strides, the quicker you are going to get from point A to point B. With explosive arms, correct posture, and a good forward lean you will be on your way to mastering the sprint mechanics. 

Take a look down below at the video demonstration from Intern Coach Adriano as he talks through the mechanics of the three skips and demonstrates how you can incorporate them into a good warm-up!

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