Self Defense Classes by Gracie Tampa South

Come learn self-defense skills and get a great workout with Gracie Tampa South Tampa Mixed Martial Artist and Facilitator, Broc Hooten.

Unlimited monthly, and drop in rates available for members and non-members. Contact us for more information. 

Broc Hooten

Broc Hooten

Mixed Martial Artist and Facilitator

Broc Hooten is a former member of the Army’s Special Operations premier raid force, Martial Arts Instructor and Brown Belt under Rob Kahn/Matt Arroyo serving the Greater Tampa area. Having been exposed to Martial Arts at a young age, Broc continued his training throughout his time in service and saw first hand the importance of Self Defense training in real world scenarios. Still active in both the Submission Grappling and MMA scene, Broc has a proven track record of success as both a competitor and instructor. Whatever your goals may be, whether it’s a UFC title or just to get in shape and learn how to defend yourself, Broc can help.

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